Meet Your Photographer

Hey Beautiful! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kimberly Hall and I have been doing Boudoir Photography on and off since 2018 but I jumped to full-time in 2020.  I got my start in it when a friend of mine asked me to take her photos.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided I wanted to make every woman feel beautiful as well.  Boudoir photos are all about you and realizing your worth.

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Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the plunge, look no further. I often get asked why I take these types of photos. I do it because I want all women from all walks of life to feel worthy and beautiful. I have had clients come to me post-breakup or divorce. I have had clients who suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphia. I have had mothers who have recently given birth come to me. Some women are coming to me during difficult times and others just want to be pampered. Whatever your why is, do not hesitate to come to me.

You are beautiful.

You are powerful.

You are Worthy.

Invest in Yourself

I respect and cherish every single one of my clients dearly. This is an investment for yourself. An investment on your confidence. An investment on your self-love. You will not regret it at ALL. You are not only hiring a boudoir photographer. You are getting a: personal hype-woman, dance partner, and a friend. Let me take you on this journey you will never want to leave! And if it’ll help you feel better, I will definitely wear lingerie during the shoot with you if it would make you feel more comfortable. Let’s celebrate YOU and your body for everything it’s helped you get through up until now.

xo, Kimberly

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